What we do


Members of KONCICC help the Iraqi government to prosecute war criminals in Iraq.


KONCICC Educates Iraqi officials about the ICC by seminars and other activities.


KONCICC organised protests to urge the Iraqi government to join the ICC.

Justiceday 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 12, 2023 Koncicc Network to

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Justiceday 2019

The Organization celebrated the twenty-first inaugurati

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KONCICC memorates anfal campaign with call to action of Iraqi ratification of Roma statute

At the commemoration of the cruel Anfal campaigns and t

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20th anniversary of the Roma Statute

KONCICC organized different activitities througout the

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KONCICC attends CSP21 at OPCW

On the 28th of November the Twenty-First Session of the

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The fifteenth session of the Assembly of the State Part

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Justiceday 2016

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On the 17th July of 2016 during the 18th anniversary of

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